Plants are the most effective recyclers, constantly turning waste into food as well as calming cities eg. parks and gardens. Fabric, on the other hand, is one of the most difficult materials to recycle (without some industrial/chemical process), and creates stress on our environment.
The idea was to create a piece that could ‘eat up’ and use the fabric while creating something beautiful and engaging. Also, following the general shape of an organic shape like the Delicious Monster, meant that there was set no rules to the structure or technique - it was completely free to grow. And grow it did - originally planned to be nothing more than 2 meters around, it ended up being approx. 2.7 x 2.5m in size.
Physical Description:
Crocheted and knotted by hand, using fabric off-cuts (produced during the making of promotional clothing).
Production time: 3 weeks.
Size: approx 270cm (height) x 250cm (width)
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